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New herb garden

This morning I started my kitchen herb garden. I had intended to have three more varieties ( thyme, basil, and parsley or mint) however I haven’t found the best selection. I am saving space for them in the bed. Currently planted are Rosemary, lavender, and oregano.  I have chives planted nearby in a pot. I’m … Continue reading

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Aqueous transmission

Every day I get to look out and see this view. There is just something tranquil about water.

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February honor notebook

2. I honored myself by renewing my faith in myself. I have set to acchieve specific goals this year to become happier and healthier. I also indulged in a bit of whimsy by swinging on a warm day and buying herbs to plant for my kitchen garden. 3. I am striving to honor my family, … Continue reading

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Tropical cake recipe: the way to a colleague’s heart!

http://blog.houseoffraser.co.uk/interiors/tropical-cake-recipe/ I’ve recently started reading house of fraser’s blog after discovering them through one of my other favorite sites, retro to go. I am a fan of vintage. Huge fan. I am a bit happy I don’t live in the UK as if I did, I just might be broke from shopping here. I made … Continue reading

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Yellow happiness

Spring is slowly popping her head up. After several weeks of ice and snow (beautiful to look at but rather dull and irritating after a short fashion) these lovely yellow jonquil heads are popping up all over the garden. I can’t tell you how sunny and giddy they make me feel. I sip some blueberry … Continue reading

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Herbal brew

I have discovered that chamomile and peppermint tea on a cold winter’s day just may be one of the best comforts next to chocolate.

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A few rules

Despite being an odd weeks in, I’ve decided to make s few new rules for myself this year. Each week I shall endeavour to post a new rule that I should remember in my journey towards happiness.  This week’s rule: Do not make excuses for people that do not treat me with respect and dignity. … Continue reading

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