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A few rules

Despite being an odd weeks in, I’ve decided to make s few new rules for myself this year. Each week I shall endeavour to post a new rule that I should remember in my journey towards happiness.  This week’s rule: Do not make excuses for people that do not treat me with respect and dignity.
It seems very straight forward in a task. Here is the problem with me. I am afraid at times to stand up for me, even when I know it is harming me or causing me to be hurt. I will tell myself that I am being too critical or that (here we go…wait for it) that they need my help or it would be mean. I would appear to be a loser. The thing is, they most likely wouldn’t care how I felt and they don’t need my help. They have played on my propensity on being nice, agreeable, and perhaps just wanting to be received,  no matter what the personal cost to me, namely my dignity and self respect. 
I have cowered before because some would say I’m too serious and need to have fun. I need to not expect so much. Just go with the flow.
Well this chica has decided to say BS to those arguments and stand up for herself. I’m tired of being a doormat. From this week on, I will not make excuses. I will stand up for me.



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