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February honor notebook

2. I honored myself by renewing my faith in myself. I have set to acchieve specific goals this year to become happier and healthier. I also indulged in a bit of whimsy by swinging on a warm day and buying herbs to plant for my kitchen garden.

3. I am striving to honor my family, my mother and sister by being more proactive and aggressive about myself and my future.  I spend more time in this period of personal journey in relishing and being grateful to have moments and time that I may offer my ear, my help, my heart, and service. This chance may not always be here And I remind myself this. There will be a time when my frustrations may get to me, but they love me. I am mindful to help mom remember things and to just check in to my sis

4. I am honoring my home more by striving to keep it neat, tidy, and mindful of the upkeep it needs. I am learning to take more of an interest in gardening.

5. I honored my Lord and Saviour by attending worship last night. I have not been as faithful in my quest to know and serve Him as I do in my daily life. I am recommiting myself to studying His word, praying daily, and greater putting into practice the servant heart I am to have. My ultimate submission lies within and journeying down this path has led me to realize just how much more I should submit as I say I call Him Lord.



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