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Pretty please with sugar on top?

Chip is a charmer. He is extremely good at begging. In fact, much to my chagrin and lack of willpower, he frequently gets a nibble of whatever I’m having (well, not everything). Taken today is a classic example of one of the methods he employs.  He never barks or demands but he will rather sweetly … Continue reading

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Here lizard, lizard, lizard!

It’s April and true to form, the days are growing warmer. We have a saying in the deep south that we have four seasons: almost summer, summer,  still summer, and that tiny cool snap called winter.  Spring and autumn are very short things here. Warmer days mean many things. Snowballs, fresh spring produce, longer days … Continue reading

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My how does your garden grow!

I had my first garden fatality this weekend. The basil I planted two weeks ago did not survive my absence. Either that or it got too cold. All the other herbs however weathered it. I was looking at photos of when I first planted the first set of herbs and I’m in awe of how … Continue reading

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