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My how does your garden grow!





I had my first garden fatality this weekend. The basil I planted two weeks ago did not survive my absence. Either that or it got too cold. All the other herbs however weathered it.
I was looking at photos of when I first planted the first set of herbs and I’m in awe of how much they have come along in a months time. It is truly a joy to watch them grow.
I will replant the basil. I have also added mint, parsley, and thyme. Hmm, I feel as if I should have Simon and Garfunkel on in the background. I just don’t have sage planted.
I get a complete joy from keeping the bed weeded. Its amazing how relaxing and therapeutic it is to rip out clovers and grass. Reminds me of Mammaw when she would find bahia (sp?) grass sprouting up. She was the sweetest lady but she was unmerciful with that grass. Maybe she vented her frustration out. 😉



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