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Music Mondays: I’m From Barcelona, Seapony, and Priscilla Ahn

Today I’m introducing a new feature to the rosecream blog: Music Mondays. Every week I’ll endeavour to spotlight artists that have recently released albums or singles.

Last week ushered in the beginning of summer and I’m in a lovely summer frame of mind. Summer means light, breezy, fun, sweet, and cheerful music designed to let you take a long drive, lounge with your friends at the beach or by the pool, hang out on a hot summer night, or just chill with your favorite drink doing whatever is your fancy.  Keeping in theme with that here are three indie pop bands that set the tone for several of your summer moods.


To set a light, bubbly, fizzy stick-in-your-head infectious melody in your head (and most likely have you dancing), look no further than I’m From Barcelona’s  Always Spring.  The Swedish group’s ode to spring transitions easily into summer and will have you happy and giddy. Granted it could stick on your head very quickly and I have a feeling along with some others that it’s going to catch on fast. Taken from their release Forever Today, it’ll be sure to get you happy unless you’re just a miserable curmurgeon (or you just don’t like pop, maybe).

To get a taste view their video here:


Next up is Seattle based trio Seapony. Newly formed just last year, the trio is already sticking with me with its light, dreamy sound. Yes, it’s a little fuzzy but the group intends it that way and the music is simple with not even a drummer (despite one member being a drummer.) They simply use a drum box. Instead the focus is on the dreamy music and lyrics and straightforward vocals by lead vocalist Jen. Amazon is featuring their single Blue Star free on their site and you can also download the entire album via their record label, Hardly Art via iTunes.

They remind me of the light breezy, catchy sound of 60’s pop melded with the dreaminess of the Cranberries and The Sundays.


Finally to round out a lazy summer sound when you’re a lot more mellowed and already dream-induced is  Cry Baby from Priscilla Ahn’s new release from When You Grow Up.  Her soft, quiet and sometimes described angelic voice soothes as you might be nursing yourself from a painful breakup. She’s highly emotional yet whimsical and ethereal. She’s definitely on my playlist now. Like I’m from Barcelona and Seapony, her sound reminds me of bygone days.

Priscilla Ahn’s Cry Baby:







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