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Catch up day/ work day in the garden and kitchen

Monday is my day off from work and school.  The restaurant is closed so today is my day to catch up on well needed to do things.  You know,  like housework, weeding, cooking,  and all those little things that creep up on you yet you just don’t have the energy during the working week. 

Today I weeded the veg garden, harvested tomatoes,  cucumber,  and basil,  cleaned the bathroom,  washed the dishes,  dusted,  cleaned the mirrors,  and prepped three sauces: a bechamel, pesto, and a tomato and basil marinara. I will not have the energy come tomorrow,  but I have lovely sauces jarred and stored either in my fridge or freezer. I’m getting to restock the pantry. 

It’s just a few short weeks until term begins again.  I’m going to need all the short cuts and pre-prepped things I can get. At least they are lovingly made fresh. I am enjoying reaping the bounty of my garden.

I think next year I will expand the veg And herb gardens to include some Thai basil,  thyme, sage, and marjoram.  I also want some lettuce,  carrots, zucchini,  and garlic. That’ll wait till next spring. 



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