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Celebration Mint Tea

I collect cookbooks.  If I am traveling to a new place, I will buy a regional or local cookbook as my “souvenir ” of my visit.  I’ve collected quite a few and I’m still adding. Many of us travel through food and some of us travel for it ,quite a few actually. I work for … Continue reading

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Readers poll: Tailgate recipes

Ah, back to school. New year,  new classes,  new teachers,  and Labor Day right around the corner.  For all of us college football fans, that means a new season.  My bulldogs kicked off their practices this week. I’m excited for another year. A friend of mine is pondering recipe ideas for her football party kickoff.  … Continue reading

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Basil-mint granita

In my quest to find new uses for the basil in my garden, I wanted to find something a bit unusual.  Something that was a bit agrodolce, sour but sweet. Using my newly found epicurious app,  I discovered the perfect answer to hot summer days:  a basil -mint granita, made with lime juice, zest, and … Continue reading

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The basil is back!

I am winning the war against the pests and insects that were invading my basil plants. I am so thankful for the tips from fellow blogger Karen at Back Road Journal ( http://backroadjournal.wordpress.com). . I pruned and harvested a lot of my leaves,  making a big batch of pesto in the process; and I used … Continue reading

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Refreshing cranberry-blueberry spritzer

When I lived in Europe,  one of my favorite beverages was a spritzer made of fruit juice and carbonated water. You could buy them pre-bottled, order them at restaurants, or make your own. One of my fondest memories of my time in Germany was sipping a delightful Apfelschorle on the terrace of one of the … Continue reading

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Catch up day/ work day in the garden and kitchen

Monday is my day off from work and school.  The restaurant is closed so today is my day to catch up on well needed to do things.  You know,  like housework, weeding, cooking,  and all those little things that creep up on you yet you just don’t have the energy during the working week.  Today … Continue reading

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Easy Banana Pudding

I’m a sucker for banana pudding.  I absolutely adore it. If I find a restaurant that serves it, I’ll try it. Whether I like it well enough to get it a second time (on another occasion) is another story. There is something just so simple about banana pudding that makes it so delicious.  My mother … Continue reading

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