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Updates to the Projects and works in progress page

I have up two upcoming projects and a current work in progress listed in the projects page. I’ll post a series of updates with pictures on a regular basis.  I’m sorry I’ve been unable to post any new recipes,  however I’ve been under the weather the last few days with a respiratory infection – not … Continue reading

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To my readers and subscribers

Dear readers,  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding interest in this endeavour of mine. Words can’t express how humble and touched I am. As Julia Roberts gushed when she won her first Academy Award, “You like me! You really like me!” Rosecreams and Dreams just marked its 100th post a couple … Continue reading

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London update

I spoke with Kolya this morning.  The riots have quieted around London and he and family are all safe. Praise be to God! The rioting continues in other cities so please keep your prayers up. I hope those responsible will learn the meaning of respecting life and someone else’s property.  A lot more discipline is … Continue reading

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Prayers for London

Around London and across the UK, violence is breaking out going into the fourth day. It is so oddly strange that Kolya predicted this two summers ago. As I sit and type this,  his borough is under attack and I’m thinking of him, his family,  and of my dear friends back in Hendon Central.  My … Continue reading

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Turning of the season

“Here we come to the turning of the season,” from “Don’t Carry It All” by the Decemberists (C. Meloy) It’s nearly the end of summer and my thoughts are turning to the changing of the seasons: new school year, new planting for the garden (autumn and winter), new recipes, and new projects. This season marks … Continue reading

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Pet peeve of the day — hang up and drive or use speaker or Bluetooth if you must!

If you are driving so slow during rush hour  while talking on your cellphone without being on speakerphone or Bluetooth and I’m not being able to pass you because everyone else is going the rate of traffic, I have a problem.  Either get handsfree or do not talk while you are driving so you can … Continue reading

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Refreshing cranberry-blueberry spritzer

When I lived in Europe,  one of my favorite beverages was a spritzer made of fruit juice and carbonated water. You could buy them pre-bottled, order them at restaurants, or make your own. One of my fondest memories of my time in Germany was sipping a delightful Apfelschorle on the terrace of one of the … Continue reading

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Money in the wash

You often hear that your dryer eats things:  socks,  undergarments,  and other things that come in pairs. Have you heard of your washer spitting out money? Well, yesterday must have been my lucky day or more likely I had another fibrofog moment.  I’d love it if it did. I was taking a load out of … Continue reading

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Chilled coffee

I’ve come to discover that you have to be able to laugh at yourself when dealing with fibromyalgia. Otherwise you would just be losing your mind or think that you have early dementia or at least absentmindedness. Yesterday morning I was getting ready to make my morning cup of coffee. I have to have it. … Continue reading

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Late night

I had a fun but late night last night, not arriving home until midnight.  I had ultra fun taking in a Zephyrs baseball game ( go Z’s!) and spending time with a good friend.  I had to make a late night run to my favorite sweet spot in New Orleans,  Sucre’. I had the best … Continue reading

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