The Gratitude Journal

I’m quite thankful our old AC hasn’t gone out yet.

This week at VBS, I’m really thankful that these precious ones have blessed me with so much joy.

After several days of triple digit temps, I’m really grateful of rain.

I’m grateful that my mom is still here to help me when I need help with little things like getting dressed due to widespread pain. I have taken the little things for granted.

I’m grateful that I have a four legged furry child that loves me always, even if he wants to drink my coffee and gets into the mud and tries to get on the sofa afterwards.

I am grateful to be spared of this horrific weather that has raked the south. I am prayerful for those that haven’t been as fortunate.

I am thankful to have a wonderful ex-husband that has not treated me like some of the women I know who are going through some very bitter divorces.

I am thankful that today was a day without pain.

I am thankful I have come through the process of grief to dwell in peace again. I hope I may use my experience to help others.

Today I am thankful for a risen Lord that comforts me and gives me strength. He blesses me daily.



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