Vintage inspiration and retro cool

There are a lot of places I look for inspiration. I am known to spend hours in museums and antique shops as well as estate sales just looking at neat stuff.

Here are a few places on the web where I browse a good bit as I’m looking for inspiration.

Retro To Go:

One of my favourite hands down sources for all things Retro. It has it all.

You may find it here:


Unique Vintage:

One of my favourites for Retro inspired fashion and accessories. This California shop has even been featured on Glee. If you love the 40’s/50’s/60’s are you in for a treat.


The Victoria and Albert Museum, London

I have easily spent four to five hours in the textile section alone, nevermind everything else. If you’re thinking it’s just Victorian stuff, you are dead wrong. Their exhibitions are some of the best out there in design.

The Graphics Fairy

Karen at the Graphics Fairy does a fantastic job posting free vintage clip art and backgrounds. She updates her blog several times a day and offers a special brag Monday so readers can send links and photos of projects and blogs using some of her fantastic resources.


I’m continually adding to this list so check back.



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